Why "The Trainman"?

I think I should explain why 'The Trainman'?

Whilst gainfully employed, I decided that I wanted to underline my 'green' credentials, so sold the car and began using public transport all the time. Train journeys in particular can be long and tedious, so I started taking a guitar with me almost everywhere, sitting in the gaps between carriages, and at the end of the platforms, just practicing songs and instrumentals.

I very often used to get requests, and did my best to come up with something at least close. One young man seemed to notice me a lot and used to say, "Hey its the train man play us . . ."I rather liked this, since in my head "DJ (The Trainman) Walker" sounded like an old blues man, such as: T bone Walker, or 'Muddy' Waters, etc.So when it came to thinking about myself as a proper musician rather than an amateur, 'The Trainman' seemed like the ideal branding.

So there you go: So thank you Unnamed youth, for both your enthusiasm and my brand.

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