Alien Invasion.

He stood looking out over the debris, of the city, not one building was untouched. In the distance there was the strange other worldly sound of the alien weapons. Slowly they were drawing closer.

Systematically the aliens were working through the wreckage looking for survivors, and destroying any possible resistance.

It was like fighting machines. The aliens looked organic,  they had hands, heads, eyes, ears: even strange patchy fur, but they thought and acted in utterly incomprehensible ways. They had strong armour and deadly weaponry.

At first they had seemed friendly, giving and accepting gifts, but then they simply took things they wanted, and took offence when the owner would not give it up willingly. Another incident had followed, and another until before anyone realised it a full scale war was in progress. And then once they had won, the war had not stopped but proceeded to slavery, and genocide.

"They do not see us as sentient beings," he thought, " just animals to be culled. They hunt us for sport, with strange creatures with vicious teeth to chase us down through the rubble. Keeping score cards."

He heard the strange sounds of the hunting animals drawing close with the alien weapons fire not far behind. He went back inside the rubble of his house to his three waiting children and his wife.

They sat together in the darkness, listening to the creatures approaching, and then a figure appeared in the doorway, shining a bright light into the darkness of the ruin. the alien said something in its strange language, another crackly voice over a radio said something back.

Anavitika put an arm around each of his children, and the other round his wife, his tail twitched with anxiety. The alien fired.

A voice came over the radio, "it's only half points if they don't run private."

The human replied, "Thanks for nothing Sarge".

The voice on the radio sniggered.

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