And so it begins,
The election is here
A month and a half
Making missions clear

The tories telling us
'We saved Britain'
The Liberals claiming
It was us not them.

Labour will chime
We'd have more gain.
UKIP proclaiming
it's about immigration.

The Greens trying hard
to tell us that they've,
A plan that makes sense
If theIr brains don't fade

And as things stand
The media does say
Power rests with those
Who'd end the UK.

Lib Dems may be saved
By first past the post,
SNP last vote lost may find
More power than most.

On the up side theres a limit,
On how much parties spend
Democracy only  for sale,
When the rules they bend.

Democracy Churchill said,
of government is the worst
but its our only choice
so its also the first.

So despite the trauma
These weeks will bring,
It's better than having,
Dictators Praises to sing.

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