Faulty Product.

Long day to replace a product,
That didn't work as advertised.
Birthday present for my daughter
Elation, Joy, and then she cried

We Took it back into the store,
Described just what went wrong.
An item not up to scratch I said
But the process took so long

Was it knocked or dropped?
He asked,  I said clearly: No.
Did she use it incorrectly?
He asked, again I told him:No.

"I'll just check" and turns it on
nothing happened, just as I said
He fiddled with the charger
Tried a different one instead.

Let me check this out he said,
I think I know what's wrong,
Through the coded access door
He went, saying "won't be long.

Some time later and he's back,
Concedes it won't switch on
Offers refund or replacement
At last things move along.

But then there's procedure which
Must be followed to the letter
Name address, receipt, sign this
But things are getting better.

Then at last were out the door.
Shiny replacement in a bag
Daughter is excited yet again,
What's more I didn't lose my rag.

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