New boy in the city.

This one isn'the just from the vaults, in my personal history, it's from the equivalent of a cave near the dead sea, about 1979, a first visit to London for a 16 year old from a quiet Derbyshire town.

New Boy in the City.

Bright lights,
Street lights,
Night Lights,
Go here,
Go there,
Buy this,
Buy some flair.

Ego trip drivers,
Force on through,
Acting like madmen,
Missing a screw.
Cars rush on by,
Breaks squeal and cry,
Confusion and sound,
Lights all around.

All are so urgent,
Each life is in crisis,
Stores hawking wares,
with electric devices.
Come look at this,
A sale not to miss.
Look at this here,
Spend and don't care.

The sell is so hard,
It drives me inside.
Force so relentless,
It closes my eyes.
The city is chaos,
Mankind gone mad.
I think I'd be angry,
But it seems so sad.

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