Silent Moonlight.

Silent moonlight dusts leaves of hawthorns in darkness.
little nocturnal feet scuttle before light ends busyness,
Work now, for fear of the dangerous eyes of the light.
seeking morsels and soft goods for nests snug and tight.

Small busy creature, what eyes or ears keep you unseen,
When daytime comes do you sleep perchance to dream
Do you watch the sky's nervously for an owls silent flight,
Do you listen out for the soft paws of foxes in the night.

At home in your nest are there little hungry ones, unfed,
Does your nocturnal spouse await your return in dread
For without you can they raise your young without harm
What risks do you take in darkness, as you do, are you calm.

I listen to you, in the night, nocturnal feet I wish you well,
I hope you make it home, and labours see your larder full.
And you raise more little feet, to beckon future human ears.
As silent moonlight dusts leaves of hawthorn in darkness.

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