The Jewels.

The day came, we knew
As one day it must.
It seemed, all too soon,
But ever was it thus.

But you left us jewels, lit
by slow, and gooey light.
As brilliant as the stars,
Shining in the night.

Cowardly hero's, hung
Up beside their fargles
Ancient hero's fighting,
with a smile that sparkles.

Undead often dying
Just to take a photo,
Unexpected residents,
of a seasonal Grotto.

A brother with a God
with one eye out for eagles
A bloody Stupid designer.
bulding deadly showers.

A genius with great talent,
Painting oddly skewing smiles
With a Doodle in the corner
for to level mountains.

Hidden mountain kingdoms
Ladies with pointy hats,
a steely gaze, that Aten't dead,
And fearsome one eyed cats,

A copper, paper thin his soles,
rising high like battle bread
married to a dragon lady,
to power born and bred.

A fearsome walking suitcase,
anthropomorphic personification,
Shady guilds, and Chrysophase
A Pyramid building kingdom.

A Brachiating Librarian,
With a vocabulary of OOKs,
With a fondness for Bananas
keeping chained, unruly books.

A ruler with, plots and devices,
more devious than the prince.
A familiar Parrot, (not dead)
And Time's begotten twins.

A sweeper with an eye for rules,
But mostly number one,
villan's there are a plenty
One even with a gonne.

Dotsie and Sadie,
Employed by Mrs Palm
Six foot dwarfs who can
full blown riots calm.

A little chap with papers,
to prove he's really human,
Towers called the clacks
to get the news moving

The Canting Crew no duck,
Talking dogs and cats,
werewolves and zombies,
Even talking rats.

Four giant Pachyderms
atop great A'Tuin
Ten thousand miles of Turtle
in deep space does swim,

And the list goes on and on,
I left so many out.
But this would never end
but I must add good old Throat.

So even though you left us,
To walk into the night
you left us many friends
To help us work it out.

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