Postponed operation.

Yesterday my surgery, was postponed.
Am I disappointed, am I relieved?

I'd charged and topped up my phone, Tablet too
Stopped eating and drinking as instructed.
I Checked I had all my money and cards.
Bought new underwear, my little bag packed.

Cleaned the kitchen, nothing straining to do,
For when I got back home, all bruised and stitched.

Set off on time, caught my bus to the station.
Caught my train, cursed First wi-fy,  cos it failed.
Got off the train, got numbers for taxies,
So I could return in comfort chauffeured.

Appointment 3:30, the letter said,
Be 15 minutes early it added.

Surely saying 3:15, would've made sense.
But I arrived on time, sat and waited.
And the time it ticked on, and came and went.
And I still sat and my thumbs I twiddled.

To be fair at 10 minutes past the time,
A Nurse came and asked, for me, by my name.

Telling me Another patients problem,
means I must attend at another time.
So with no other functional choices,
About turn I went and set off for home.

Its not serious, a small hernia,
some mesh, a stitch, so it gets no bigger.

But it's still under the knife nonetheless
so worries, I have some, couldn't be truer.
The wife and kids too, stressed about dad,
Who will cook food who will be tea brewer,

And now I will have to do it all again,
With some extra stress since now I wonder,
what was the problem, might I find the same.
Should I be asking  for a different surgeon

And frankly I'm a bit disapointed.
I was looking forward, to having a rest

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