Trials and Tribulations.

Just a note to my friends and followers on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

You may have noticed that after a period of being very productive with poetry, music, art and fiction, I have stalled somewhat.

Experience tells me this will, only be temporary so bare with me.

I had intended to end The UFO in my garden series: however now I have come to write an end, I find I neither want to end it, or for the moment quite know how to.

Likewise I found I stalled with the 'After the Day' series. Partly because it began as a simple vignette,  which then grew, but also because it had reached a turning point where characters who did not live in the valley needed a voice, rather than simply being reported by Timothy or other residents of the valley.

I know from past experience that these pauses are really just 'processing time'. And I would rather allow this to run its course and afterwards produce, good quality stories rather than just something to fill 'column inches'.

Life of course always gets in the way of the creative process too so that's also a factor, what with three children demanding my attention too.

I make some of my income from music, and that always demands some time, and I hope in the not too distant future to be posting more of this on my youtube channel and sharing it through this blog.

The other issue I have been wrestling with has been how much else to share through this blog. The conventional wisdom is that,  a blog should be focused on one topic. I thought when I began this one, it would be Music, but it grew well beyond that, into 'Creativity' generally, and now I find I want to add my other musings on life the universe and everything. I wondered about creating a different blog and putting thoughts about Atheism, Evolution, the history of the bible and other things on that. But on reflection I don't think it would be any more organised or focused than this.

I don't think separating everything out makes that much sense, since then I would have to manage all the different blogs, get the advertising sorted out etc, which would in the end just be more work.

So I think I will just keep following my nose.

But I also think that from time to time a thank you to regular followers is in order.

So thank you for your attention over the last few months.

There is more to come promise.

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