We have known,
That as refugees flee the middle east,
That among them

The cowards hid,


It was not weakness
we opened our arms
To the disposessed,
The refugees.

It was through strength,
Our compassion for the refugees,
More important than,

Pandering to fears,
Of violence.

Violence from the very men,
The refugees fleed,
Might inflict on us.

The terrorists forget

Europe suffered
Suffered the greatest,
in the history of humanity.

We know the consequences of intolerance,
As well,
If not  better,
Than any region of the world.

The terrorists forget,

We do not pretend
Not to fear,
we know our fear,
we embrace it.
We make fear work for us
not against us.

For without fear
There could be no courage.

The bravest of men
are not those
Who do not fear,
but those
Who fear
but act with discipline
To defend themselves
in the most effective ways
That they can conceive.

The terrorists forget.

Because they cannot
Face their fear,

For if they could
How could they

Inflict their fear on others?

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