If we Suppose....

If we suppose, that there is a 'sum total' of all existence.

Which supposes that the cosmos is finite.

Which of course it might not be.....Many physcisists do disagree. (Seriously they do, always falling out that lot)

Then: what does this mean?

The cosmos has a begining and end?

Yet the theist will say, "No! it cannot be.....   something  must be eternal!"


I will agree, the cosmos does seem to be eternal. If we are to think correct, Penrose, Kaku, Carrol  and the others.

And I can see no good reason to doubt them

But there is no logical reason we should imagine, an 'infinite regression of cause' should be named 'god', for arbritary reasons.

We have no reason to think an infinite regression of cause, should represent consciousness.

Life, intelligent life, Humans, minds, consciousness are trivial things, with no logical reason for a 'designer. No evidence consciousness is not just an emergent property of matter. An inevitable consequence of complex chemistry'.  Chemical turbulence.

To imagine 'consiousness' is a 'special thing' so special it must have created the cosmos, just seems to me, to be collective ego. Just as it would be to imagine consciousness is 'so special', it must have been created by a god.

I find the creationist conviction that humans are so complex they must be 'Made things', baffling. Why should complexity mean something was 'made'?

'Order' is often the equally baffling relply.

But... If there were no order in the cosmos, then how could the cosmos exist? Without structure, there is 'no thing', that could exist. The mere existence of things isn't logically, evidence they were 'made'.

And so, logicslly, it is also not evidence that complexity means something is a 'made thing'.

But: we supposing, there was a 'sum total of existence: a finite thing with a beginning and an end?

How are things different?

Consciousness is still a rather trivial emergent property of matter. A result of complexity, which has to occur, according to the laws of thermodynamics.

It has no 'special place' in either cosmos.

Surely humility demands we recognise this.

Whatever we suppose.

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