Big Gay A$#O/E

A, comment on a post I read today reminded me of a story.

Someone I used to work with some years ago, who thought he was a bit of a hard case. apparently went into a bar with another guy, neither realising it was a gay bar until they had their beer. His companion wanted to leave, but he wasn't going to leave till he finished his beer.

Even though he was a dimwit he was actually rather cute, so as you might expect a muscle mary, started chatting him up. He became a little aggressive and saying "fuck off you big gay asshole" took a swing at the gay guy.

Apparently, according to the chap who was with him, the target of this aggression, just stuck out an arm, grabbed him by the throat lifted him off the floor, carried him to the door and threw him out, with great ease.

Despite promising the opposite his 'mate', made sure everybody heard about his heroics. And for a long time after he was greeted by all and sundry as 'big gay asshole'.

Which is as poetic as justice gets I think.

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