Biological Gender

OK, so... I keep seeing posts and memes making out that science says there are just two genders.

Putting aside the issue of transgender identities: this claim is factually wrong

Scientists don't say there are 2 biological genders. Biology describes at least six.

Asexual, male, female, neuter, hermaphrodite and sequential hermaphrodite.

This is biology.

Less than half the animal Kingdom follows a binary biological sex model. The largest group is asexual, the binary framework is next both XX -XY and combinations of XY, ZW, XO, ZO chromosomes, , next is the triunary arrangement, breeding males, breeding females and neuter workers, as in eusocial insects. Clown fish are sequential hermaphrodites and will change sex. Many snails and slugs are true hermaphrodites.

Factually the claim science only admits 2 biological genders is incorrect.

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