Transgender roles accross the world

Transgender roles in indigenous cultures across the world.

N. America

Two Spirit, is a modern term adopted in 1990 by indigenous gender variant people, to replace the anthropological term 'Berdache,' a French term which essentially means male prostitute, which was a demonstrable misrepresentation.

Lakota: Winkte.

Navajo: Nádleeh

Ojibwe: Ikwekaazo, M2F
Ojibwe: Ininiikaazo F2M

Zuni: Lhamana.

Mexico: Muxe

Third/fourth gender roles have been recorded in 130+ indigenous N. American cultures.

South Asia.

Hijra, Aravani, Aruvani Jagappa, Khwaja sira.

Pacific Islanders.

Tahiti/Hawaii: Mahu

Tongan fakaleiti.

Samoan fa'afafine.

Philippines: Bakla

Middle east

Oman: Kanith

Egypt: khawal

Turkey: köçek


Italy/Naples: Femminiello

Britain: Mollies.

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