Changing minds.

It is can be frustrating when I notice, someone was about to say something but suddenly changed their mind.

Because now I'm wondering what they were about to say. Why did they change their mind? Is it something important to them? Or to me?

This is not a criticism.
I do not plead they should always speak their thoughts.

But sometimes wish, they would get it off their chest.

To relieve me of my curiosity at the very least.

And sometimes, more often than not, I think I mostly know what the unspoken thought might have been. Having listened to what they were saying beforehand.

But, f we really study and understand the fleeting expressions on a person's face, do we really understand them? Or not?

Why are some people such good liars?

Amd I'm not talking about Trump. He isn't actually a very good liar, he keeps tripping himself up.

Sociopaths in general, psychopaths and malignant personalities in particular. These are the really good liars. The ones that can fool professional actors, experienced detectives, mental health professionals.

So how sure can we be, we have understood what we think we have observed?

To fail to say something thought, is not a problem, but to fail to ask why the thought was not spoken, is to leave oneself vulnerable to deception, and manipulation.

But in the end we all have our secrets.

Some of these are things we think shame us.

And some serve our mischievious side.

And sometimes we like to pretend we are something we are not. Often just for a quiet life. To slip by unnoticed.

And some things we are proud of, but think better left unsaid. Just on the basis of modesty. Just to do what is right.

But there is a lot to be learned when we see a person change their mind.

If nothing else it suggests they are open to reason, within the confines of their mind. And their reason, may be, not too much different to mine.

Logic will remain consistent, no matter who uses the tool.

But its hard to speak truth all the time, for we are mere emergent properties of matter. Omniscience as yet escapes us, and seems logically impossible anyhow.

And it makes me reflect on my unspoken thoughts, which in itself can't be bad.

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